Rhubarb is a fairly new friend for me. I didn’t know about this plant a few years ago. But someone had given me a slice of rhubarb pie and it was love from first bite! Then I thought that was an apple pie, it tasted very close to apples. I started to search everything with and about rhubarb and try different ways to cook it.
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Strawberry season seems to never end. To be honest I would say that I wanted to make some flourless treats with strawberries, but few days ago I made amazingly crumbly cookies and I decided to mix these two parts. I made crumbly bars with strawberry filling. And yes, it’s absolutely not healthy, but damn they’re so good. I will increase my everyday morning jog, but I won’t give up on these crumble bars!
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First week of summer has started and I look forward to how many things I can do with all these seasonal delights. I try to catch every moment to cook something with berries. I like to eat them raw with honey and yoghurt mostly. But you know how heavenly berries smell when are baked? I can’t keep control over myself, honestly! The simplest thing I like to do with seasonal berries is making galettes! Read More

There are not many Sundays when I don’t want to bake anything. On such days I mostly bake brownies. Last Sunday I decided to make something absolutely easy (but not brownies) and use a bit of sweet fresh strawberries which were just bought at the farmer market. I mixed some ingredients and I got my cake. There was an important thing that made my cake so good that I decided to share it with you. It had the crustiest crust ever! Fresh juicy strawberries, sponge yoghurt cake and amazing crust… Read More

What products do you have at home anytime? My answer will be eggs, butter and milk. I also have flour and sugar in my cupboard. It turns out that I always have crumble in my kitchen! Flour, butter, sugar and berries are all we need for it!
Crumble is a traditional British baked dessert, which consists of berries or fruits and shortbread crust.
Today I want to share my simplest sweet recipe. One thing I’ve changed, I’ve replaced all-purpose flour on whole-grain and I have got an amazing result! You can see it yourselves.
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Generally I’m not a “pancake-fan”. But there are lazy days (a few times in a month), when I want to make the simplest and more quickly – prepared breakfast. My choice is the pancakes with berries. Why? Because it’s simple.  Read More

Hello, mr. November! I never tire of repeating how I love autumn season. November has a charm of autumn, a magic of waiting for my best of the best period – Christmas! I love November for cloudy and foggy morning walks with my dog, it’s a time of reflections. My home smells like chocolate and coffee at this period. All of this is about my love to autumn! One of my favorite recipes in November is chocolate brownie (you can find my recipe here), but today I want to share an another chocolate recipe – cookies. But I added pumpkin cubes! And it’s abso-choco-lutely amazing cookies. I recommend to try it, when it’s cloudy outside and you have 1 hour of spare time! Have an amazing november, friends! Wish you a lot of tasty homemade breakfasts and many cozy evenings with yours families and friends! Read More

The beginning of August is too hot now! And  I don’t even want to think about cakes. Fruit and berries, all I need now. I want to share with you a very simple but tasty and impressive dessert – roasted peaches with vanilla beans. I propose to serve them hot, with a scoop of ice cream.
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