Coconut Milk Crepes with Raspberry Sauce

Summer is over, and it means that the season of pumpkins, apples, pears and grapes has begun. I love autumn very much, and I’m ready to speak about this love for a very long time. Autumn breakfasts are the most cozy and loved for me. Because you’re sitting in warmth, sipping your hot coffee with milk and watching people outdoor, who are rushing to work. But you feel good, you’re home …

Today I skipped my morning jog, because was so cloudy outdoor and I didn’t want to leave my the-best-in-the-world bed.
Moreover, today is Sunday, and we can forget about hurrying anywhere. Today we had crepes for breakfast (you know, “Sunday crepes” is our Sunday tradition). Today’s crepes are from coconut milk. It’s one of my favourite recipe of crepes with sweet filling! They get very tender, with a pleasant flavour of coconut milk. And they serve so ideal with berries, but you can serve them  with apples and cinnamon for example, and it will be an absolutely autumn breakfast!

Coconut Milk Crepes with Raspberry Sauce

(for about 7-8 crepes)
2 eggs
200 ml coconut milk
1-2 tbsp sugar
5-6 flour
1 tbsp vegetable oil (unscented)
pinch of salt
1/2 cup hot water

Whisk eggs and coconut milk in the bowl. Add salt and sugar. Sift well the flour and add to the mixture. Mix well until no clumbs. Add a little water if the batter is thick. I don’t like when the batter is too thick, but you can adjust the density of batter to your taste. Heat the frying pan (24 cm in diameter will be great!). Add the vegetable oil, mix your batter and fry on the hot pan over low heat until golden brown.
These crepes get more tender then classic milk ones. They are so good with different fruits or berries, with cream cheese or  a scoup of ice-cream. Today I served them with cream-cheese and raspberry sauce!

1 cup raspberries
1-2 tbsp sugar (or honey)

Wash and dry the raspberries. Sprinkle them with sugar and whisk until smooth. Each crepe spread with cream cheese and pour over the raspberry sauce.
Have a nice day, friends!

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