Blueberry Brown Sugar Scones

I don’t want to write a lot about scones. You know how much I like this kind of pastry because of their simplicity as well as their taste. Even if you are afraid to make pastry you might make good scones! Few days ago while deciding which recipe to share I thought that I have a lot of blueberries and I still didn’t make any berry scones. What else did I need?


Why didn’t I still make berry scones? I was always unsure how to make them, because I thought it was difficult to knead the dough with soft berries and prevent them from crushing. But I thought there should be a way to avoid that and make beautifully looking scones (not a berry mess).
I’ve rolled my dough and just put the berries onto the half of dough surface covered with another half after that. And rolled gently. It have worked!


Blueberry Brown Sugar Scones

(makes 6 big triangle scones)

240 g self-raising flour
10 g baking powder
50 g soft brown sugar
pinch of sea salt
40 g cold butter (cubed)
140 ml whole milk
1 cup fresh blueberries

1 egg + 2 tbsp milk
brown sugar

Mix the flour, baking powder and salt together and sift onto the working surface. Add the sugar. Rub in the cold butter into the crumbs quickly using knife. Add milk gradually while continuing knead the dough (1-2 minutes). Roll your dough in a ball, sprinkle with flour and leave for 10 minutes.
Meanwhile wash the berries. Let the water drain off.
Roll out the dough int a 1 cm layer. Put berries close to one another onto half layer surface and cover with other half of dough. Roll out not very hard to get  layer 1.2-2 cm thickness. Cut triangles (or circles as preferred). You can put some extra berries onto the scones top just as I’ve done.
Heat the oven at 165 C degrees. Place scones onto the papered (or floured) baking tray. Beat egg with milk and grease the scones. Sprinkle with brown sugar.
Bake for about 30-35 minutes until scones will be dark brown. Let them cool.
Serve with clotted cream, jam and cup of tea.


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