Yoghurt Whole Wheat Flatbread

Summer is perfect for one-day trips, picnics and just for enjoying a lunch sitting on the grass in the park. London parks are so overcrowded in this period. And it’s amazing!
Me, Nick and our beagle Chantal adore to go to the parks on weekends. I like to make lunch, pack it and eat it outdoors. More often I buy a few local cheeses, ham, fresh bread, jam and fruits. I also make wrapped food because it is easy to take it away. I never tried to make homemade wraps so it is my first flatbread. I want to say it’s a genius idea! Homemade flatbread are cheaper than in stores and are easy peasy to make. These flatbreads were made with wholegrain flour and without eggs. Just flour and yoghurt. And they are delicious trust me! It looks like I will never buy any wraps in the store again.


So as I said it was my first experience with flatbreads and I am happy with the result. I’ve never though that it can be so easy. Nothing can be compared with homemade bread, you know that. And I think it is also true with flatbread.
My most adorable wraps are:
-Smoked salmon, lettuce, avocado, cucumber
-Corn-sweet pepper-beans salsa with chicken
Any ideas from you?


Whole Wheat Yoghurt Flatbread

(serves 6-8)

300 g wholewheat flour
270 g natural yoghurt
pinch of sea salt

Sift flour and salt onto the working surface. Add yoghurt while kneading the dough. You need to get an elastic and soft dough.
Place the dough in the bowl, sprinkle with flour and cover with a cling film or towel. Set aside for 30 minutes.
After that divide the dough into 6-8 pieces. And roll out each into the thin layer (1-2 mm thick). Fry every flatbread on the hot pan about 1 minute in each side or until slightly golden brown.
Keep your flatbreads in the closed box or wrapped into the towel few days to avoid them from drying out.



  • Mint Julep

    I use a very similar recipe to this one for our flatbreads, I only add a little chopped chives to the dough as I adore the taste. Love love love homemade breads, even for our dim sum dinners we home make and bake the chinese bread rolls, it is indeed so much better than anything store bought!!


    • http://Honeytanie.com/ Tanya Balyanitsa

      Oh I do love chives!I think it’s a good idea to add some greens into the dough. That is why I like to add thyme into the pizza base. I absolutely agree with homemade breads, but to be honest I don’t make it very often (it really takes a lot of time). But these flatbreads are extremely easy!

  • http://www.inspiredfood.net/ Matt Cook | Inspiredfood.net

    Such a great idea! Never really crossed my mind to make my own flatbread! At least these can’t fail at rising! 😉

    • http://Honeytanie.com/ Tanya Balyanitsa

      Hi, Matt! Thanks for comment. So never did I. But there is nothing that can fail while doing them you’re right!

  • http://www.chocolateandclouds.blogspot.com/ Mareen

    I never made flatbread myself. It sounds so easy, I should give it a go soon.

    • http://Honeytanie.com/ Tanya Balyanitsa

      It really is easy. I hope you’ll be happy with this recipe!
      Thank you, Mareen!x