Apple & Gorgonzola Bruschetta

When I have no time for lunch I make bruschettas. Because they’re simple, nourish, you can use product leftovers and also you can always make it different and tasty in just 5 minutes! Amazing timesaver lunch!

Apple & Gorgonzola Galette (recipe and photograpy by Tanya Balyanitsa (more on
The bruschetta I like the most is the one with a crushed avocado on the rue toast topped with a poached egg! I also like combinations like: parma ham and peaches or melon, caramelised onions with mushrooms, just rue toast with ripe seasonal tomatoes sprinkled with a black pepper and sea salt. The quality of products is important! You can just place some well ripened good quality peaches on a crusty toast and it will be a win!
I’ve bought not ripen avocados these days and also had a big piece of Italian delicious gorgonzola cheese and apples (which I always have in my kitchen table) so I needed to improvise with all those products.

Apple & Gorgonzola Galette (recipe and photograpy by Tanya Balyanitsa (more on

Apple & Gorgonzola Brushettas

(makes 4-6)

bread leftover (the best is sourdough or wholegrain)
1 green seasonal apple
1 ripe avocado (I used not ripen)
100 g soft Gorgonzola

Cut the bread and toast it. Wash apples and cut into the thin slices. Cut the avocado if using not ripen one or just peel it otherwise! If you use ripen avocado then spread the bread with it before adding gorgonzola. If not – spread the bread with gorgonzola. Place the apple and avocado slices on the top. Toast walnuts and sprinkle your bruschettas with it. Enjoy!

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