Hi everyone! While one of the busiest month of the year has just started I want to help some of you who is still deciding on your Christmas dinner menu. I will share my variations for side dishes along with the tips about cooking for the festive dinner, time saving and some secrets from my personal experience.
Today I want to share with you this easy to make but wholesome and beautiful salad which goes good with red meat as well as with chicken and look good on the festive table.
Parsnips are not so popular as carrots, but I love them for their delicate flavour and sweetness. Roasted with coriander they have earthy flavour which goes great with the lentils! Crispy apples add texture and halloumi make it work all together good. You can try to use oranges instead lemons for the dressing as well.

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Autumn season is good not the only for it’s seasonal produce but also for holidays! And as Halloween and Bonfire Night are over this means that we can start to think about Christmas entirely.
I will not surprise you if I’ll say that winter holidays are my favourite! First of all Christmas means a chance for me to see family and friends. Everyone loves Christmas for it’s parties, and for me there is no better party then to spend time with the family. It means a cozy atmosphere, homemade food, family secrets and jokes. That’s why I was absolutely happy when Waitrose contacted me and asked to tell about hosting a Christmas party, making food for my guests and preparing my #HomeForChristmas. My thoughts and advices how to host your perfect Christmas party you can find out by checking my article in this week’s Waitrose Weekend magazine.
One of the meals which reflect my attitude towards good food are pies. I think it’s an excellent option for any party as you can make different filling, serve it either warm or cold, cut into many bites so everyone can try it.
Today I wanted to share one of my favourite pies with you – Onion pie, which I made with red onions and added a handful of dried cranberries which made this pie perfect for any Christmas party!

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When I have no time for lunch I make bruschettas. Because they’re simple, nourish, you can use product leftovers and also you can always make it different and tasty in just 5 minutes! Amazing timesaver lunch!
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I was thinking about mixing carrots and orange juice for a while and decided to make a tart tatin with it. As you know it’s an upside-down cake with caramelised fruits or vegetables, mostly with apples or pears. I made a vegetable tart tatin with beetroots and to be honest it is my very favourite tart!
This time I glazed sweet carrots with orange juice and sugar and got a brilliant result!
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This is one of my mum’s recipes. I like making recipes which my mum used to make many years ago for my own family. Isn’t it magical?
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While talking about eggs for breakfast my two favourite ways to cook them are poached and scrambled. But I love to make every breakfast special. I never make two same breakfast in a row. That’s why I need a huge number of breakfast ideas. Frittata is not one of the boring options.
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I’m kind of a quiche-obsessed person. Because I think it’s a very good nourish breakfast, like a breakfast 3-in-1. It’s also such a fun thing to choose pie filling. Fish or meat, or just vegetables… Vegetable pies are my favourites (like Spinach-Feta pie or Quiche Lorraine).
I’m not a vegetarian, but I don’t eat meat very often. To be honest, I forgot when I ate red meat the last time. That’s why I’m a huge fish lover!
Yesterday while thinking about what to make for breakfast I decided to make quiche with white fish. I added a bit of asparagus because it’s in season and I always have it in the kitchen.
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I told you so many times how much I love courgette fritters, did I? This is one of my top-5 breakfast things. I make courgette fritters at least twice a week. I never get enough of them. Also they are so easy to make! It should be a healthier version with oven-roasting, but I like to fry them on non-stick pan and always add some dill or chives. I recommend to serve courgette fritters with soured cream or creme fraiche. Have a look!
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I like to interpret classic recipes into new ways by adding unexpected ingredients or changing type of flour for example. I enjoy those daring experiments. The result surprises me every time, and in most cases I’m satisfied with it. That is when I share my results with you. So thank you for your support and experiments, they inspire me much more. But there are also some classic recipes which I love and respect and I would like them to be in my blog.
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Today is my absolutely happy Sunday! We’ve got up very early (if only you knew how I love early mornings!) packed some food into backpacks and will come out soon for the all day long walk in the park.
I really love walking. Yesterday I walked 7 km with my beagle Chantal and today I want more!
Fresh air, blackbird’s singing, Nick’s smile, my dog’s barking, picnic on the grass… these things make me an absolutely happy girl. Nothing is better than to eat some homemade food outdoor. In most cases we take some french and english cheeses, fresh bread or croissants and fruits. Sometimes I make wraps (with green salad, salmon, cucumber and hummus is my favourite) or just sandwiches.
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